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Technology and Safety

Driver training

Driver Training

Our drivers are hand-selected for their experience and professionalism, and thoroughly vetted. Mandatory criminal background and security check along with a pre-employment drug testing and random testing program. All drivers are required to have a certified medical examination, as required by local, state and federal regulations. We also have a rigorous driver training program that includes driver duties, customer service, safety and defensive driving skills.

Mercedes Benz Luxury Sprinter 12 passenger

Meticulously Maintained Vehicles

Our vehicles are top of the line, and we keep them that way. Along with daily washing and cleaning, we complete regular proactive maintenance to keep our fleet operating safely, at peak performance, and with maximum fuel efficiency.


Transportation Technology

We utilize the latest technology to create a customer experience unmatched in the transportation industry. Elite Charter has partnered with Samsara Fleet Technology to provide unparalleled support to our core operational team and our customers